How Does Tailor Junction Work?

It’s simple, affordable and risk free.



Once you book the appointment, our representative will call you and a time will be scheduled for the pickup, then tailor will take measurements and pick your fabric.



Outfit will be stitched under experts guidance.



After stitching the outfit will be delivered at your place, and if there will be any alteration required, the tailor will redo again and redeliver it at your place.

Our Services

From everyday clothing such as jeans to men suits or dresses, we modify and
tailor as per your requests with great results.

Your Design, We Deliver

Providing you with a maximum level of comfort & confidence in every suit!

Tailor Near Me

Tailor junction is a online boutique which take care of all stitching requirements of men , women and kids, be it alterations or fresh stitching or customisation or redo of old saree. We provide doorstep services without any minimum price requirements. We have wide range of fabrics and accessories. Our motive is to make relations not customers. So until and unless our customers are not satisfied with our work, we keep on giving them services. Our model of tailoring is not like others who work only for money, we give value to your money and time.

We have a team of the experienced tailor and visionary designers, who can create a perfect outfit with pinch of your taste in it. Even after delivery of outfit, if there is any alteration, we do it again, and deliver it again.

We have a separate team for maternity and kids outfits. Maternity outfit are very rarely available, and office going mothers face problem, so in order to resolve their problem we have come out with this section, who takes care of all small needs of pregnant women and new mothers.

What People Say

  • If I could give 10 stars I would. This is the 5th shirt I've bought in as many months from this gem of a company. Highly recommend.

    Richa Khanna
  • Love the fabric and the fit. My other shirts all feel like cheap, ill-fitting potato sacks now. Consider me converted!

    Saransh Khaitan

I used to look for the best tailors near me

The start of this business, had a purpose , not only making money but covering the pain areas, we all face.In today’s busy schedule, everyone loves spending time with the family. Office late-comings make us tired & other responsibilities at home bring the need of the best tailor near me thinking . Would you mind going to Nariman Point or Sector 62 Noida for the best tailor, of course not. Here at Tailor Junction, you have all the choices of availing the best tailor at doorstep without paying a single penny. A completely hassle free mindset as if there is the best tailor near me , really.

Hire an Online Tailor & style according to you!

Ladies tailor or Mens tailor -A certain answer to a very simple question for what tailoring online is; will be like stitching together few fabrics to make them wearable & that to with online ease today.. But that is no so and not at all accurate. Tailoring is not just meant with stitching and sewing few fabrics together but it is an art. The art which can make a simple fabric turn into something very special and that too, according to your choice and style. Tailored stuff offers a classic look whether for men or women. It gives a sense of sophistication. Thats why Ladies Tailor or Mens Tailor, all are in high demand these days & the option of hiring online tailor is something to be researched with passion.

Online Tailor hiring option is actually a matter of your own choice and opinion. You could choose your fit and style yourself accordingly. As the comfort remains priority so you have got a lot of choices accordingly. To get a unique and authentic look, tailored stuff whether it is classic suits or traditional, when accessorised perfectly gives you a sexy and glam look. Although it has been a long way since Victorian era, tailored stuff is more a preference to style according one’s own self and still the preference is same. No-one even thought that the Online Tailoring Service would even exist. Custom tailoring for men or Custom tailoring for women are an easy option with Tailor Junction today.

Fashion stars, like Roger Federer with his sexy silhouette in his classic suits or Sonam Kapoor in her street style look flaunting her sexy curves in well fitted clothes, too gives priority to stitched and sewn stuff. Tailoring designs, for men or for women gives a number of choices to style with comfort. It offers a classic and sophisticated look. Do not sit , take advantage of a Tailor at Doorstep service with Tailor Junction.

Tailor at doorstep is something new & easy.

What else is needed when whatever you seek is available at affordable rates, simple and risk free payment and delivery aspect? Here we are working hard over months to create a varied selection of suits for customers. We deliver your design providing you with maximum level of comfort and confidence in every suit. There is a very simple process to order your stuff & avail the best tailor at doorstep, isn’t it amazing, share your thoughts on our Facebook Page here or email us with your feedback.

TAILOR JUNCTION is an online boutique taking care of all kinds of stitching and sewing requirements be it a simple alteration or customised tailoring for men or women or kids. We provide you a wide range of choices of fabrics and accessories. Your design gets tailored by visionary designers and experienced tailors. We provide tailor at doorstep without any price requirements & is hassle free. TAILOR JUNCTION provides you the freedom to choose your style whether it is everyday clothing stuff such as jeans to men’s suits or traditional dresses or custom dresses
Also we have a separate team for custom tailoring for women, men and kids even maternity outfits as per your request. Style your silhouette with TAILOR JUNCTION.

Designer Boutique in gurgaon

We have given years to this one & only designer boutique in Gurgaon. It started with the Phusical Outlet at Gurgaon & Now you can hire a tailor at doorstep from almost all locations of India by simply going through the website & calling us.Our case studies have earned us the reputation of being the best designer boutique in Gurgaon, Delhi, Faridabad, Ghaziabad & Noida locations.

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