Fashion is something that changes every .25 second, people spend their half of life in scrolling down the windows, insta etc.

From office wear to nightwear, it is all about fashion. People try to find new things, some wants to make them happy, some wants to draw others attention…Still at the end of the day you find yourself comfortable in a simple lower shirt
So does that mean you are not comfortable in fashionable clothes or you wear just to show off.

In my opinion, Nobody knows fashion, or in simple terms fashion is copying other clothes especially film industry. We just follow trends, without understanding what suits us.

Everyone has different definition of designs. Everyone wants to look trendy. So they just buy clothes and get them stitched. And use it for sometime then throw it. But one thing that never changed is saree. Saree still looks super glamorous dress ever and men in kurta pajama looks most elegant outfit. These outfit never fail and always in trend.

So for me fashion is on and off but beauty is in saree.

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